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Through the lens is a photography project I have been developing with Digital Media teacher Indira Ramraj and pupils from TreeHouse School, a school for children who have a diagnosis of autism, in Muswell Hill, North London.

The idea of the project is to use photography as a tool to communicate, to create and acquire technical and artistic skills

From October 2014 till December, we have been working with Aaron, Archie, Eli, Jack, Julien, Kwei, Mite and Zach. We lent them cameras, including disposable ones they used during half-term, so they can learn how to use them and simply feel free to take pictures in their own environment.

We lent them professional cameras so they can improve their skills by using the lens, zooming in and out, focussing, framing etc and also guided them choosing their subjects, according to their tastes and affinities. We then helped them edit and choose their favourite ones. The project was very well received. Some of the pupils particularly showed a lot of excitement and were running all around the school taking pictures! The staff involved was very patient and cooperative. The whole experience was very rich and inspiring for all of us. And the result - consisting in about 80 images - is amazing. It was put ut as an exhibition for one week at the school before the Christmas holidays and a book is to be released soon!

I would be very interested in developing a similar project with another school or group of children/teenagers. Any ideas/suggestions are welcome!

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