Salton Sea now and then { 8 images } Created 7 Sep 2013

"...the Salton Sea is one of the most remarkable, wrong, beautiful, apocalyptic, baffling, compelling places in california, the united states, the northern hemisphere, and possibly (see aforementioned hyperbole), the world", Moby. In August 2013, I took a ride to the shores of the Salton Sea and got completely captivated by the place, abandoned, in ruins, destroyed, like the aftermath of a war won against nature. I decided to find out if there were old images of the 60s when Salton Sea was a trendy place to go on holiday, where even Elvis Presley came to sing... I found a set of old postcards I used as a background and superimposed images of the desolate landscape by the shores of Salton Sea.
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