Prefabs / From the Ashes { 6 images } Created 22 Feb 2015

“From the Ashes” is a series of digitally and manually manipulated images about the disappearance of Britain post-war prefabs. Supposed to last 10 years, they were part of the Temporary Housing Programme set up by Churchill Government at the end of WWII. Almost 70 years later a couple of Hundreds of these “palaces for the people” - as they were nicknamed- are still standing and lived in but facing demolition. This work is dedicated to their last residents and to those who had no other choice but to leave their cherished homes. Since 2002 I have been documenting post-war prefabs in the UK and been fascinated by the attachment of the residents to their home. In March 2014, I created the Prefab Museum in an original post-war prefab to celebrate prefab life. The project, originally supposed to last one month, was very successful and kept on being extended… till a fire destroyed it in October 2014. Classified as arson, the police didn’t bother lead a proper investigation to find the perpetrator(s). “Lack of resources”, they said. Shocked and distressed, it took me a few months before moving on and out of the Excalibur Estate. The Prefab Museum is continuing on line and I am confident it will find a new physical home later this year. “From the Ashes” is about demolition, destruction but also about the power of memory one can never destroy.
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