My Gloomy Valentine { 15 images } Created 10 Feb 2009

My gloomy Valentine

It's that time of the year. It's cold. It's dark. And then, the pink
comes; and the hearts, all over the shop windows, and interiors. As if
everybody was there to remind you that you're not sorted. Loser. To
crown it all, it's an assault on good taste, so much it must push even
the well paired to the edge of splitting up in protest. And then comes
the day. Usually the place to be moody in peace, the tube too is full
of couples with their regulatory red roses. You hope they really hate
each other and will spend the entire meal going through the motions but
really thinking about all the years wasted with someone who appears so
strikingly less desirable, in every respect, than that one, there,
sitting on the diagonal.

Franck Arnaud
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