Gloomy project { 40 images } Created 12 Jan 2009

The gloomy project

I have always felt gloomy from time to time in my life. The feeling of gloominess increased in Summer 2008 because of what we call in French "la conjoncture" : credit crunch, recession, working more and more to get less and less money. Ups and downs. Well, more downs by the way.

I even went to a gloomy night some gloomy experts organise every Saturday night in an Islington club. It comforted me: I was not the only one willing to express my gloominess. That's how the idea of The Gloomy Project came up: I contacted some friends and acquaintances, asked them if they happened to be gloomy and if they felt gloomy enough to be photographed in a place that made them feel particularly gloomy.

From Ikea on a Sunday afternoon to disused rail tracks in North London, here is a first selection of gloomy portraits. This is an on-going project. Gloominess is an on-going feeling. There will always be gloomy people and more photographs to take.
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