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You've told me a bit already about the top floor Victoria house flat but could you let me know a bit more about the circumstances of your family getting the LCC home: how olde were you? Why did your parents have to wait 2 years? Was there such a housing shortage?
2) Did your parents ask for a LCC Mobile home or were they allocated one without choosing?
3) How many of them were there in your area?
4) How were they inside? Have you got a floor map? Can you describe your bungalow?

Answer 1, Yes the situation in London was still very bad in the early 1960s, I had yet to be born, My Mum and Dad had two children at that time, my sisters were 2.5 years and 6 months.. The only heat for the two rooms was an electric fire that you plugged into the mains. The mobile home was their first offer of a home in two years, this wasn't unusual , it was done on a points system of your need
. My parents friends had been on the waiting list for about 3 years and had been offered a flat in tower block which they took. It was a nice big home on two floors, on the 13th floor, but with two small children it was not ideal. ( please note that their tower block was taken down in the 1990s so the prefabs done quite well)

Answer 2, Mum and Dad got a letter about the mobile home from the council. It told them that these were temporary bungalows and it would not effect their right to a council home, but they needed to be in the mobile home for at least 3 years . Dad had heard that 4 had just been put up in Stepney High Street, Mum and Dad went there to have a look, no one had moved into them yet, so mum had a look trough the letter box into the hall, Mum see the bathroom and said to Dad right will take one.
The mobiles had an ascot water heater and you had hot water when ever you wanted it, pure luxury .
After a month or so they got a letter to view our mobile home prefab at 2 Essian Street

Answer 4, There was 20 mobile homes in our street Essian Street, before the mobiles the street had 4 old houses the rest had been bombed in WW2 and emengency Nissen huts had replaced the bombed houses, which were put up due to the V1 & V2 rockets attackts which the governments responce was to put up these huts also uni-seco huts went up with no bathrooms , both types should only lasted 3 years but they lasted till the late 1950s in Essian street as people loved them.
There was lots of mobile homes sites nearby , in the borough of Tower Hamlets there was well over 32 sites with 600 plus mobile homes, there were still a few sites of older prefabs too, the uni-seco type in Grove Rd and Globe Road, in the borough next door Newham , they had lots of the older types still up in the 1980s but this borough i don't think got any mobile homes new in the 60s.
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